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[ kon-struhkt ]

We create cinematic landscape stock visuals designed for artists & storytellers.

We believe the beauty of the natural world is a transformative power that can renew the soul & awaken the imagination. Our passion is to capture unique & contemplative perspectives of this wild earth in action & to bring that perspective into our stories & experiences.

CONSTRVCT exists to share those glimpses with the creative community at large. Whether you're a filmmaker, composer, touring musician, production house, creative church, non-profit organization, or VJ, our hope is that our humble licensing site both inspires & serves your art well.

Welcome to our world.



Film Composer

Stephen’s work is the perfect counterpart to my music. I want things to look the same way they feel and sound…a hard balance to achieve. His discernment in shooting and capturing visuals that act as wings to my music is unmatched.

He brings my work to a new level of consciousness.



CONSTRUCT’s visuals create a singular experience, an unforgettable encounter, a sacred space – where what you’re visually seeing steals the breath from your lungs & you’ve never felt more alive.  These visuals are more than projections – they actually transport you into another world...

... a place of transformation.


Film Composer

Stephen’s eye for capturing & coloring is that of a true artist. In a world where art is mostly a commodity, he takes the narrow road & captures beauty in what has always been but had lain unseen until illuminated through his lens. He is a storyteller with frequency & light.

I am fortunate to work with him.


Environmental Projection & Lighting Designer

Stephen Proctor has an eye for beauty. This visual media reflects a taste of that & gives audiences an immersive experience like no other.


Lead Events Coordinator for LifeWay Women

Stephen has provided amazing visuals at our events for years.  But going from flat images to the incredible video dimension that his drone footage provides has been the most significant upgrade to our visual experience.  Absolutely stunning footage that transports you right into the scene.

It’s breathtaking!


of Young Oceans

In a world of frenetic images, CONSTRVCT offers a mature & contemplative approach that is awe-inspiring, calming & prayerful.


In the Wild

Pairing visuals with music is where the real magic begins to take place! Experience CONSTRVCT in full stereo with gorgeous soundtracks by our favorite composers.

Haleakacloud Flythru #1 (KALEIDOxSCAPE)Frosted Forest Cavern (KALEIDOxSCAPE)Rocks & Waves (KALEIDOxSCAPE)Glacier Flight (KALEIDOxSCAPE)Black Beach Waves (KALEIDOxSCAPE)



Watch audio waveforms crash onto a beach. Travel through a wintery forest cavern that feels like the inside of the Death Star turned into Narnia. See hexagonal patterns of glaciers unfold & bloom like flowery fractals. This is what happens when we take some of our favorite visuals & remix them into a collection of trippy, psychedelic loops. Speaking of drugs, we took the "red pill" & have begun minting some of these creations as NFTs 💎 (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain!

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